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About Paperwise

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Founded in 2005, Paperwise is still a family run business and is a proven flexible and reliable “Data Management” specialist.

From good old document storage, to converting documents into electronic files by scanning, to the secure disposal by shredding of all your data, in whatever form it may be in. All of our services complimenting one another perfectly.

With the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) and “The Data Protection Act 2018” (DPA 2018) it’s vital for any organisation to handle its data in a safe and secure manner or face hefty fines. From knowing exactly what and where data is held and stored, to the point of accessing that data, should an individual request their personal data to be deleted, these days its all about “Instant Access”. With “GDPR”, “ID Theft”, and “Cyber-attacks” in the news every day, its vital to know, understand and prove how you handle or dispose of your data. These days, the risks are far too high and can’t be ignored.

As a Data Management specialist we can securly store hard copies of your information with instant access by file retrieval, while providing secure restricted access to your data.

Under the new GDPR legislation, the days of employee’s being able to take files off-site to, “work from home” or in the “coffee shop” is a thing of the past. Stories of briefcase’s, pen drives, folders, even mobile phones and laptops being left on trains or stolen have been in the news for so long now. This is where Paperwise can provide a scanning solution to electronically format your files or documents, giving you options for employee’s to either log on at home, view, send or download files on their mobile phones or even just to make “Hot Desking”, a viable option.

When it comes to the end of the line for your documents, we provide secure auditable destruction services, from shredding files from storage once they reach the end of their retention period, to shredding computer hard drives or old mobile phones. As an Independent, family run business, we have a solution to suit each and every one of our customers, however big or small they may be.


In 2005, Paperwise was established as part of a York farm diversification project by brothers in law, Richard Morritt and Adam Walker-Jesse. As a family run business and privately owned we have enjoyed continual growth every year, even through the dark days of the Recession.


In 2013, we expanded our East Coast coverage with the purchase of Hull based, Data Records Management, another document storage company.


When The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), was introduced in May 2018, we were perfectly placed to put all our years of experience into action as both an advisor and solution provider to all of the confusing areas of GDPR.

While been able to compete with the Global & National big names of the Document Management Industry, we are proud to be able to stand up and go that extra mile and add that little bit extra of customer support and service, where the big guns continue to fail.


GDPR seems to be getting less and less air time on the news now. Panic over and we all have a far clearer understanding of how to handle and how to store our data to keep it safe on a daily basis. So, what’s next for 2019?

I think we can all agree that “BREXIT”, will be the key word for 2019! No news headline or bulletin can escape the mention of the word, it seems. Whether its good news or bad news, in one way or another, we will all be affected somewhere along the way, both at home and at work.

When we wake up on Saturday 30th March, just how different will the United Kingdom be? Nobody really seems to know. There are far too many scare stories to list, but I’m sure we will continue to feel the affect of it all throughout 2019.

Our Story

Confidentiality and security is a key to our success and rest assured your data is highly guarded throughout the process of any of our operations. Our secure facility makes use of specially converted modern buildings which are only 30m from one of the proprietor’s residence. We aren’t tucked away on a lonely Industrial Estate somewhere, where security can sometimes be questionable.

Paperwise……..Guardians of your Data!



Life will never be the same again! In 2020, we all pretty much changed how we conduct our every day lives, both in the office & at home. Technology wise, we jumped about 10 years, with working from home, video calls & the reduction of using physical cash, bank notes & coins. We now rely on our smart phones even more.


We opened our Redruth branch in Cornwall. Finding the sort of professional services that Paperwise provide in the West Country, isn't easy. Most of the big National companies don't seem to cover Cornwall. With our Cornish links, we're here to help your office staff to work remotely, while still been able to access all the files and documents with our storage & scanning services. Along with our shredding services, that provide peace of mind when it comes to Data Security & GDPR, we help business's save money by reducing their ever increasing overheads with expensive oversized offices with huge running costs.

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As a company, Paperwise Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's office under The Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR. Our registration number is Z9374431. We are also a registered under the Control of Pollution Act 1989 as a waste carrier. Our registration number is CBDU50736.