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Data Security

With more digital data stored on the planet than ever before, securing your data is key. What is even more important is ensuring when computers, printers, photo copiers, servers, laptops, or mobile phones need changing or are upgraded, that the data you have isn't just reliant on a data wipe to hope the data no longer exists, what it needs is a system so secure and so reliable you know the data can never be recovered.

Paperwise offers an off-site shredding service as standard or an on-site shredding service is also available for any of these items for the ultimate data destruction.

To help you understand which items that hold your personal data, listed below are the types of electronic waste we destroy of by shredding:

  • Hard drives
  • Backup magnetic tapes
  • Mobile phones
  • USB sticks
  • CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD DVDs
  • Floppy disks
  • Laptops and computers
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Photo copiers
  • IT peripheral devices
  • Games consoles
  • Digital media

All items are logged upon collection then when we destroy them we electronically send you a certificate to guarantee they have been destroyed and to complete an auditable paper trail to ensure compliance for GDPR & The Data Protection Act 2018.

Once the data has been destroyed, the remaining components of the electrical items can still be recycled. Electronics waste is becoming the fastest growing waste stream in the world, combined with short product life cycle has led to a rapid escalation in the generation of electronics waste, with nearly 50 million tons disposed of every year

In the case of computer disposal, the plastics and the casings are removed, the circuit boards are separated, where precious metals like gold, silver and copper are recovered through a heat and chemical process, batteries and any metal casings are further recycled.

As a company, Paperwise Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's office under The Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR. Our registration number is Z9374431. We are also a registered under the Control of Pollution Act 1989 as a waste carrier. Our registration number is CBDU50736.