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We can even provide an "on site" scanning service, where we come to your premises so the documents don't even need to leave your offices.



How far away is your “Paperless office”?

Every business requires storage in one form or another for their everyday records or files. Whether this is a file in a filing cabinet, archive box, computer hard drive or in the cloud, it needs to live somewhere where it can be accessed quickly but can also be stored safely.

Easily accessible files by any number of users in any location, can save Companies hours of lost time with staff searching for or compiling files, enabling them to get on with their own tasks far more efficiently, while at the same time giving the perfect base for vital document/disaster recovery plans.

Today’s technology simplifies where and when staff can work. Whether it’s hot desking, working remotely or working from home, video conference calls and being able to log in and start working is a valuable time asset while removing the Data Protection headaches surrounding data or files leaving the office while working from the local coffee shop or from home.

With the recent floods, gales, and storms to hit the UK over the last few years, it seems we are never too far from lost days at work by staff “unable to get into the office”, or more drastically, having to relocate the whole office due to flooding. Digitalised files can provide instant continuity just at the right time, or allowing document access while on the go.

The document scanning process involves a complex combination of skills, consistency, speed, meticulous attention to detail and quality control.

The costs involved with scanning documents varies with the volume and size of files to be scanned and the preparation time needed to remove staples, paper clips, bindings etc, while ensuring all pages are straight, flat and no information is hidden by items such as a “Post -it” note

We can deliver your documents from “post it” notes to A0 plans, in all the major file formats, in colour or black and white: PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more. We deliver on the media that suits you best: DVD, USB hard drive, USB memory stick, or upload to your own server or the Cloud.


Approximate Handy Volume Guide:

  • Lever arch file: 350 – 400 pages
  • Archive box 2200 pages
  • Filing cabinet drawer 2800 pages
  • 4 Drawer Filing cabinet 11,000 pages


We can scan any amount of files. One of our friendly Paperwise team members collects your paperwork how little or large the amount is, no problem. We offer competitive pricing to suit all requirements with excellent personal service.

Pricing is based upon black and white A4 copies which includes the file preperation process of removing staples, treasury tags etc. Prices are charged per box or charging per file can be arranged. For colour and A3 – A0 sized items, prices are upon request.

Sometimes it’s also easier to make a site visit to understand which option would suit each individual customer. Any regular work can be priced accordingly to help with project or office budgeting.

Sample scans can be provided free of charge.

As a company, Paperwise Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's office under The Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR. Our registration number is Z9374431. We are also a registered under the Control of Pollution Act 1989 as a waste carrier. Our registration number is CBDU50736.